Casino Tournaments

A Casino Tournament is definitely a fun and exciting activity for all players in the casino. It is in such casino events that players get the chance to win extra aside from their usual game sessions in the casino. Online casinos are usually big on these tournaments which are means of exciting its players and keeping their interest in the casino. Tournaments are common in casino luck online and ideas on how to keep players interests become more creative.

When players enter an online casino and become a member, they become part of a community of players in the casino. If you are the kind of player who wanted not just to play games in the casino but as well as interested in interactive gaming between players and the casino itself, joining casino tournaments and other events is definitely the right choice.

Casino tournaments are an avenue for large wins, casino privileges and fame in the casino community. For seasoned casino players, casino tournaments are a way to achieve or increase fame within the casino community but for new and regular players, tournaments are an opportunity to hit both jackpot and fame. If you have a competitive side in you then Casino Tournaments is definitely your cup of tea.

There is an abundance of casinos that players can find around the web, so there is absolutely no way for players to have nowhere to be when it comes to vegas casino online. If you are looking for great casinos to join, Livecasino.moster has a great line of casinos offering generous welcome packages, tons of free spins, great games, great promotions, exciting events and tournaments that keep players interested. So if you feel like getting competitive, continue reading and get to know all about the Casino tournaments.

How Casino Tournaments Work

Casinos offer players opportunities to play on a much bigger venue and interact with the casino and other players— and that is through events and tournaments. Tournaments are common around various casinos but may differ depending on the casino holding the tournaments. For casinos, the tournaments are a huge deal. At these events, players can compete against the casino with slots, table games, and other casino games. Leader boards are available at any NetEnt casinos where the winners and high-end players of different games and tournaments are displayed for everyone in the casino to see.

Prizes in tournaments are very lucrative which is why seasoned players make sure to join tournaments for both fame and cash. It can be organized around one or multiple casino games that are played by regular players. casinos host tournaments that are both free play or with paid entry. In addition, these events are offered at a limited time span only.

Games Involved in Casino Tournaments

In tournaments, players can compete against the casino n slot games, blackjack, roulette, scratch cards and other casino games determined by the casino.

Types of Tournaments

Casino Tournaments has many types which are favorable for both high and low roller players. Tournaments may differ in terms of qualification for entry and may or may not require an entry fee to join. Here are some of the types of tournaments that you can join in an online casino:

Regular Casino Tournaments

In regular casino tournaments, you’ll be participating in the tournament as soon as you open a casino game that is linked to a regular tournament. In these tournaments, the results are directly shown on the leader board of the casino. Regular tournaments may be held around one casino game and can be held over a longer period. The results of the players from regular tournaments are cumulative and will be added to the player’s record on the leader board. Only the best of 10 up to 25 are displayed on the leader board.

Ticket-Based Tournaments

These kinds of tournaments require players to secure a virtual ticket in order to participate in the tournament. Entry tickets can be purchased or can be awarded by the casino to the players. In some cases, Casino sends out invitations to its players to join which may include a ticket to enter a prestige casino tournament. Some Casinos offer contest entry as part of their promotions or strategy to lure players to play more in the casino.

High Roller Tournaments

These tournaments are for all the big spenders in the casino. High roller players are basically the VIPs of any casinos. For casinos, VIPs are rewarded by special tournaments like no other. Participating in a high roller tournament requires a player to wage huge amounts of cash, so if you are not up for spending a fortune, this type of tournament is not for you. Although the risk involved in joining these events are big, the promised wins are even bigger which makes it even more lucrative for high roller players.

Free Online Casino Tournaments

Free Casino tournaments are contests dedicated for all types of players. Whether you are a high or low roller casino player, everyone is allowed to participate and win prizes. Free tournaments do not require players a ticket to enter nor make a deposit to participate. For Casinos, free tournaments are organized on a weekly basis in which players can participate without making deposits.

Unlike high roller tournaments, the prizes are just decent but you’ll be able to get extra casino cash on your account. For free tournaments, the ranking of the participants won’t be registered or saved.

Ad Hoc Tournaments

In an Ad Hoc tournament, players can have the advantage of setting up the game. Players can agree to change or bend the rules prior to the game. Players can decide whether to increase and decrease the number of cards, alter hand values, add additional wilds and make other changes to make them even more challenging.

Slots Tournament

Slot tournaments usually work on a simple format. Challengers are assigned a slot machine number and a session time. The game is officiated by the casino and players should only start when it’s time.  For slots tournament, all players are given the same game parameters. For example, players are given 800 credits and 20 minutes play time. The slot machine will automatically deduct the used credit from the credit limit and your winning credits will be accounted.

The goal in this tournament is to use up all your credits within the limited time frame. When the playtime ends, the slot machine automatically locks up and you won’t be able to make any more spins. Any unused credits will not be used again for play. The results of the game session of the players in the tournament are tallied and the overall result is updated on the leader board.

Strategies to Win in Slot Tournament

There is really no definite strategy when it comes to slot tournaments as winning in slot games alone is rather random since it’s all about hitting the right symbols at the right timing. However, these are some tips that can give you some possible edge for a chance to win in slot tournaments:

Bet the maximum amount

The goal in slot tournaments is to use up all your credits before your playtime ends. Besides, all unused credits aren’t going to roll over into your account. Play the slots with your bet at maximum and spin as much as you can.

Spin Fast

When you are participating in a slot tournament. The one thing that people won’t tell you is “take your time”. Time is ticking; therefore, spin as fast as you can and as many as you can at maximum bet. The more spins you make, the higher your chance of winning. Use up all your credits before the slot locks as your time ends.

Concentrate and Build a Momentum

The skill you should be mastering when playing in tournaments is how to concentrate. Avoid any distraction. Play at your comfortable but best speed and maintain it. Focus on the game and continue playing without stopping until your playtime ends.

How Players Can Know About the Tournaments

Upon joining as a player on a casino, players are automatically informed of the ongoing and upcoming tournaments in the casino. Every casino has a dedicated section in their casino where players can check for new promotions, ongoing and upcoming events and tournaments to watch out for. The casino also sends out invitations via email to inform players about the upcoming tournaments.

When you play real money in any Casino, paying attention to any ongoing and upcoming casino tournaments should be part of your game plan. Playing on a regular basis and at the same time participating in casino tournaments can be very profitable to players.

How to Enter a Tournament

In order for a player to be eligible to join in a casino tournament, the player must be categorized as a “real money player” which means that a valid account is made and that the player has made at least one deposit to play real money on the casino.

The Leader board

The leader board is a scoreboard that shows the names and current scores of the leading casino players in a specific game. This scoreboard is an essential tool that helps players track their position in the tournament. Depending on the player’s game plan, players can plan more sessions of the game to gain more credits to advance on the leader board ranking.

Here’s something to note about. The way players can win will always depend on the rules set upon by the casino. Make sure to read on the rules beforehand to gain an advantage. In some cases, it’s the number of rounds played by the player and not the total winnings that decide the winner of the tournament.

Prizes to Win

The prizes that tournaments offer challengers will depend on the casino as well as the type of tournament that is being held. The prizes are usually divided according to a prize pool. The prize pool is the amount of money collected as prizes to the winners of the tournament. The amount of the winnings is either determined by the casino or by the number of players joining the tournament. Other than the cash prize, the casino may also offer other glamorous prizes such as all-expense trips to Australia and other countries, high-tech gadgets such as iPad or iPhone and more. Other prizes may also come in casino bonuses, free play or free spins to any Casino games.

General Guide on How to Win in a Casino Tournament

Here’s the thing, most online casino tournaments do not really require any particular skill. It’s not about how well you play; after all, casinos are all about how much you play combined with luck. It is best to read the casino rules first prior to joining the tournament so you will know how the winner will be determined. Players have limited time to play per session so it is important to give what can to score on the leader board. The thing about casino tournaments is that there is no fixed rule; however, casinos usually determine the winner with these methods:

  • The player with the highest winnings over 20 consecutive rounds
  • The player with the most money won by a player
  • The player with the highest payout percentage over 20 consecutive rounds
  • The player with the highest payout percentage at the end of the play

Use the leader board as your guide in the game. If available, use the rebuy option to load up and play again. But remember, in most cases, it’s the number of rounds not the ranking on the leader board that matters in determining the winner.

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