New Online Casinos in Canada (Updated Jun, 2022)

The popularity of new online casinos is soaring due to their innovative designs, fresh content, and modern features. A new online casino is a place to look if you're looking for the next best thing in online gambling.    Online casinos need to be fresh, exciting, and new. There must be a variety of payment options, the newest games, and trending features.

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There are a number of new casino sites in Canada, but not all are trustworthy and reliable. In addition to listing a list of new online casinos, has also included information on what players should consider when evaluating a new casino in June 2022.

If you're looking for a brand new online casino to join, you should also keep up with new gambling trends, so we have provided some helpful information. Read on for all the information you need.

Choosing a new online casino can be a daunting task. You can choose from hundreds, some of which are good. Our goal is to allow users to make factual decisions. It contains a lot of variables, but for us, the casino of x is better for you than y. If you're new to the industry, the easiest thing to start here is to stick to the mainstream brands. But if you're looking to stay away from big companies for a while, consider the following:

Legality and Safety -All casinos that accept Canadian players must register with the relevant gambling committee. If you do not have this permit, you will not be able to legally accept these players. If in doubt, you can jump to the website and search for the casino to see the license status.

User Experience -Checks for easy site loading, moving between games, mobile apps, easy access to cashiers, fast game loading, and more. The more you play, the more you will get a sense of availability.

Game Types -An easy way to see which games are offered is to check the developers of the included games. Other than that, just jumping into the casino and watching the game is a bit of a hassle, but it's a surefire way to check out the games offered.

Welcome Bonus –Welcome Bonus should be one of the biggest attractions. Check not only for the big numbers but also for your stakes, the games you want to play, and the limits.

Payment Methods -Another point is the payment method options that you have access to. Find out which deposit and withdrawal method is right for you.

Last but not least, Canadian players may not be able to access or access major casinos without creating an account. This includes account verification, so before signing up, check out the user reviews of these casinos posted on to see which casino is best for you.

How We Review the New Casino Sites in Canada

Fortunately, has a talented staff who have worked in the casino industry for many years. Our team of experts includes players, many of whom are the same as the online casino players currently advertised on the site.

The team is gathering knowledge about new casinos and brands that will open virtual doors for the first time. Due to the relative ease of opening an online casino, you can search for red flags that may have been overlooked on other casino review sites.

I've covered a few points in the section above, but frankly, it's not a million miles away from what we're looking for.

First of all, I would like to confirm whether it is an independent casino or it is operated as a part of an existing brand. It may seem strange to hear that a brand operates multiple sites, but it's actually common.

For new companies, the information is so sparse that it is difficult to get information about the company. Instead, focus on the individual who prepares for the company and try to understand the background. Seniors who play an important role in well-known brands often want to create their own brand at risk.

Next is the license. Who has the license and does the license match? Casinos that accept Canadian players must be licensed for the relevant gaming commissions, but that's not all.

The good thing about an organization like the Gibraltar Commission is that it is very transparent. It's easy to jump to a website and enter the name of a casino to see what type of license it occupies. This is also a good way to see if it is associated with other casinos or established brands.

Once we've confirmed that it's a safe and legitimate site, it's time to focus on the game provider. These companies offer casino host games. I've covered this mechanism many times in other articles, but in short, the casino games you're looking at aren't made by the casino, but are obtained through various game developers. ..

At least one or two leading companies, such as Microgaming, Netent, Playtech, and IGT, are usually involved. This is a good sign, but it also offers great games to small companies, so I encourage you to try it.

Now let's move on to the casino user experience. How easy is it to navigate? Is it easy to access the game? Are you planning a game by making good use of the menu? Do you have a mobile app? If so, can I access it from the main app shop?

Finally, take a look at promotions, loyalty schemes, tournaments and more. I think these three are the points where the casino can demonstrate its individuality.

Large does not mean that it is also small. It's better to meet casino bonuses with low betting conditions all day long than huge bonuses with many unrealistic betting conditions.

Once all of this is done, you can review your new casino. Our reviews are the best real money casino reviews we can create, as they are created over a period of days to weeks of playtime.

Do you know there are new choice in online gambling is the No account casino, often known as a registration casino. So check it out too.

Discover the latest online slots

Online slots are the largest and fastest-growing area of ​​online casinos. Every year, hundreds of new games are released and you can choose from thousands of games. is creating a platform where you can watch new games coming out. We browsed all the major game providers to see what's hot and what's not in the area.

The list we created is to know what is going on and where. We'll give you an overview of these games and show you where you can access them.

Some games have special bonus cash promotions, and we've included that information as well.

New Casino Trends: The Future of iGaming

Casinos are evolving at an alarming rate. Nowadays, even if you look at the functions and games for 5 years, you can hardly recognize them. This is a good thing! “I thought.

Competition is more intense than ever, and casinos need to gain an edge in order to attract new players. Here are some of the features that are beginning to be adopted throughout the industry.

Branded online slot games are driving change in the online slot industry, if not the “future” of iGaming. Companies like DC Comics, which have signed a deal with PlayTech, have made great strides in development.

Gamification is one of the areas that is beginning to evolve. To that end, we have prepared content such as missions, tasks, levels, and trophies. All of them are meant to be attached to the casino, but you can get a return by doing so. Some casinos outperform other casinos in this regard, but we anticipate that they will be available in most, if not all, of these features in the coming years. doing.

What is constantly evolving is the promotion of new games and tournaments. Some work like welcome bonuses and free bonus spins, but here the casinos combine to help users choose the game that suits them, such as casino tournament games and redeemable offers. Is great.

In banks, the speed of money in and out is constantly changing. Electronic wallets are making a big difference in the gaming industry, allowing you to raise money from your withdrawals almost instantly. Withdrawal times at other banks have improved significantly over the last five years and will probably improve as well.

The greatest innovation we are looking forward to comes from the game itself. Live casinos are revolutionizing the industry, but we're even more excited to see how existing games such as slots, roulette, and blackjack will evolve.

Technology has changed a lot in terms of game design, but it's usually the function that determines the quality. Here, the interactive bonus round is considered to be the main innovation, but it has already been developed.

Other highlights are the new cool designs of casino websites and lobbies. There are rumors that mobile casinos will be equipped with voice recognition and will give you quick access to your favorite games. The design platform change to HTML 5 is huge, but the question now is, “What's next?”

You can only guess ahead, but for now, the online casino industry is in good shape and the next five years will be as exciting as it was in the past.

Canada's new mobile casino

new mobile casino

Game design has changed a lot technically, but it's usually about functionality. Here, the interactive bonus round is considered to be the main innovation, but it has already been developed.

Other highlights are the new cool designs of casino websites and lobbies. There are rumors that mobile casinos will be equipped with voice recognition and will give you quick access to your favorite games. The design platform change to HTML 5 is huge, but the question now is, “What's next?”

You can only guess ahead, but for now, the online casino industry is in good shape and the next five years will be as exciting as it was in the past.

New Mobile Casinos in Canada

Given the future of the industry, mobile casinos are quite possible. It used to be the future a while ago, but now it's starting to become mainstream.

When a casino opens, the first thing you'll see is its presence in the mobile space. If the casino does not have mobile access, it will fail.

Most casinos now use the HTML 5 platform, so you can have a similar gaming experience on your mobile site without a dedicated app. Considering the high design, there are some features that are better than the app.

One thing to keep in mind on mobile devices is the choice of game. Just because there are 1,000 types of online casino games does not mean that the number will be reproduced on mobile devices.

You can see that some older games have not been converted for mobile devices and are inaccessible. Often, these are upcoming games or games that are rarely played, but it's still worth noting that the app doesn't have access to as many games as online.

On the flip side, there are many new games that focus on mobile images. The idea is to make the app as good as possible and then change it so that it can be played online. This will become a more common theme as more and more people move from online to mobile.

New Online Casino Payout Rate

Payout rates are now an important factor in online casinos. Most games have a payout rate, and most casinos show it to players. You can also check for the casinos that offer best payouts to their players as we have a dedicated list of such casinos. 

The best payout casino rate is sometimes referred to as the repeater rate. This is the average amount a player receives per unit bet.

In most cases, you can find high rate games between 94% and 98% at online casinos. They basically receive a monetary value of 94p and 98p, respectively, for a £ 1 stake.

Of course, for most players, this number is repeated millions of times, and few casual players exceed this number in a single game, so this can't be black and white.

Player rates are a feature that most casinos are now proud to display. The days when fruit machines installed in local pubs were astonishingly priced at 70% are over, and players now have a much better margin than before. ..

The reason is that it's a matter of quantity. Fruit machines can only be played by one player at a time, so there is a limit to the amount of money you can spend. Online slot machines can be played by thousands of people at once. This means that even 98% can make more money and offer better value based on the amount the player may lose.

Finally, I would like to introduce that has posted payout rates for all the games featured on the site. Depending on the game, the rate may change depending on the bet amount, so we take that into consideration when recommending a new online slot site.

New Casinos vs Established Casino Brands

One of the most exciting things in the casino industry is that it's constantly changing. It includes new brands, new casinos, games, developers, bonuses, features and much more, and new things are coming out every week.

If the right way, change is good. It means that older sites have to keep up with it and that they have to improve what's already pretty good.

Older casinos have experiences that newer brands don't usually have. They're there, getting feedback from players, tweaking and tweaking, and now they're making great products.

As a player, as a result, you can play with peace of mind, so you can get a place where you can play relatively relaxed. Support is usually important, game choices are deep, and promotions are probably reliable enough.

This is good, but more effort is needed to get new casinos involved. Along with that, you'll gain a better understanding of promotions, cool new games, new game developers, and, as mentioned in the previous section, new technologies.

It's now worth taking risks and offering new things, rather than just duplicating the same products offered by dozens or hundreds of casinos.

Keep in mind that just because you're a new casino, you don't have to build it from scratch. As I mentioned briefly earlier, many new casinos have experienced and experienced teams running their sites.

This may be due to a combination of transferees from existing brands and existing brands entering the casino. It is common for well-performing online gaming sites, poker rooms, and bingo sites to expand into other areas such as online casinos.

So even if these sites are new, it may mean that you have a big budget. Today, Mr. Green, BGO, and 32Red are widely known as Canada's Big Three, but they started from scratch and have innovated in the process. It reproduces the features introduced by well-known brands about 10 years ago, but eventually, there will be new types of sites that do the same.

The problem is that it can be difficult to tell who owns who in this area. For this reason, every time we add a review, we provide all the relevant information about how the teams and casinos behind the brand started. Some are “new,” but from the reader's point of view, it's important to understand where the site started.

Developers of new online casino games

Game developers are at the heart of the online casino space. Whether you're just starting a casino game or working for decades, your casino won't grow enough without a good team of slot game developers.

Many well-established sites list brands that have been tried and errored here. Microgaming, NetEnt, PlayTech, NextGen Gaming, IGT, Play N'Go, etc. You can see that about 90% of casinos use at least these companies.

With so many casinos offering the same game, these people are tired of it, but it's a bit repetitive. This is a problem with well-known brands, and removing layers results in a very similar game catalog.

The advantage of the new casino is that using a small brand can be confusing as it can be buried and not covered by large sites. Smaller casinos can showcase their games, so they can offer something that isn't mainstream to a wide range of potential players.

Smaller game developers have fewer games to choose from, but the result is better game quality. These teams have used new technologies to develop, nurture and stand out these games.

Companies such as Yggdrasil and Nolimit City are listed. Neither is new, but it's small, as there are only about 30 games each. However, while the quality of the game is excellent, it is not considered desirable as it does not belong to Microgaming or NetEnt.

Smaller casinos will want to bet more on these people in exchange for better deals. Some have signed exclusive deals with new casinos as part of their early marketing campaigns to increase the exposure of both brands. Most of the casino sites offers scratch cards on signup and deposits. 

Canada's new live casino site

We've talked about new technologies for online casinos, but nothing is more impactful than live casinos. Live casino games recreate the real casino atmosphere that you can't get online, and you can enjoy the real thrill of both worlds.

Many new casinos believe that this feature must be installed not only to catch up with existing games but also to stay ahead of existing brands that have not yet fully launched a live dealer gaming platform. increase.

The problem is that there are only a limited number of developers offering these games on a large scale. This means that table games such as video poker are likely to be available elsewhere. 

How to register for a new casino

The registration process is slightly different for each casino. However, the step-by-step guide below will show you how it works and the documents you need to create an account.

  1. Clicking the “Register Account” button now requires you to enter a large amount of information. This includes your name, address, date of birth, phone number, email, and gender.
  2. Here you need to create your account information. These include the username and password. This question is used when you forget your password and need to contact customer support for your account.
  3. Once this process is complete, your account will be set up and the authentication process will begin.
  4. You will need to upload your ID and address to authenticate your account. A driver's license is usually sufficient, but there are other items such as passports, ID cards, bank statements, and utility bills. Documents need to be photographed or scanned and uploaded.
  5. Verification takes place between 24 and 72 hours. Once your account is cleared, setup is complete and you're ready to go.
  6. Now you should consider requesting a welcome bonus offer to online casinos. To do so, you may need to enter a bonus code in addition to making a deposit. We tell you exactly how to request a welcome offer for each casino in every review.

About depositing and withdrawing from new casino sites

Technology has advanced over the last decade, but the increase in payment processing is often overlooked. Today, Canadian casinos offer a variety of options, all of which are as secure as possible.

In the past, new casinos typically had fairly limited banking options, but now that's not the case. In the industry, thanks to the relevant Online Gambling Commission, some insecure methods have been abolished, making the process more rational and secure.

The following are typical payment methods.

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Secure card
  • Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • The Master

There are many other casinos out there, but you might want to choose from the new ones, and recommends these casinos.

Please note that not all payment methods can be used in conjunction with deposit bonuses. For example, Skrill and Neteller are anonymous when using these banking methods and therefore receive very little bonus.

Finally, let's check the deposit and withdrawal limits for each item. Casinos make a big difference in this regard and you need to see if you can easily withdraw real money. In addition, some fees may be charged, so please check before depositing. We also suggest you to check the No Deposit Mobile casino bonuses. 

Frequently Asked Question

Yes. Before you register, you need to make sure that you have a full license from the relevant Gambling Commission. If so, they can be trusted.

A license is required to accept players from Canada. The license must be obtained from the Canadian Gaming Commission. Without it, we will not be able to accept new players.

There are more new casinos than in the past. Several new sites will open every month. has reviews of all the latest online casinos.

Yes, it is. We do not allow any compromises when reviewing new casinos.

It's often accessible to small game developers, so you can access games that aren't available on large sites. Promotions also increase the likelihood that players will move away from large casinos, resulting in increased profitability for large casinos.

Most new products do. If you don't have the mobile casino app, there is a mobile version of the casino that you can access with your mobile browser.

We may also offer higher bonus amounts. This is to give new players a chance to register and outperform existing brands.

Free spins are usually included in the welcome offer offered with the first deposit bonus. With most of these offers, you can get more than 20 free spins.

The range is wide and it is common to bet 35 times the deposit amount, but in most cases it is comparable to existing sites. Before registering, you need to make sure they meet the quoted price.

Support is usually less than in older casinos, but that doesn't mean it's unreliable. In some cases, a small player database will catch your eye faster than many of the larger brands.

Yes, new Canadian online casinos often challenge new technologies. Live casinos are a good example, and some casinos will not offer this platform until it becomes mainstream.