What is Insurance in Blackjack

Insurance in blackjack is a type of side wager that protects your deposits when the croupier shows a blackjack. However, to utilize this side bet, you must have the right timing, or you will lose everything you have wagered. Know what is insurance and improve your winning chances in blackjack.

If used correctly, the insurance wager can offer you a consolation prize when your first bet loses to the croupier when their second card is a ten, jack, queen, or king, making a blackjack. The consolation prize of insurance in blackjack pays out 2 to 1, meaning you will have the right amount to cover your losses on your initial bet. 

How Does Insurance in Blackjack Work

This side bet always pays out 2 to 1, and you can typically only wager half the original amount of your initial bet you made on the hand. To know how much you can get from insurance bets in blackjack, multiply your insurance wager by two.

When the croupier makes a blackjack, the amount you win is equal to your wager on the insurance. However, if the croupier does not make a blackjack, you will lose the money you wagered on your insurance bet.

The Rules of Insurance in Blackjack

For you to attain the benefits of insurance betting in blackjack, you have to follow specific rules. The croupier should have an Ace as their up card for you to initiate a wager on insurance because the absence of an Ace does not allow players to use this side bet. Carefully decide whether to accept the side wager before the croupier checks the hole card. Otherwise, the option of placing an insurance bet expires.  

When to Play Insurance Betting in Blackjack

If you are a casual player, it is best to avoid betting money on insurance in blackjack. However, experienced players that can keep track of 10-value cards left in a deck when playing the game should take insurance because it can become a profitable bet.

A scenario that is ideal to bet on insurance is when you participate in multiple-deck games. Insurance in blackjack is an excellent wager to make when playing in a multiple-deck game because the more decks the croupier uses, the more cards will be involved in the shoe with the value of 10. These 10-value cards in the deck increase the chances of the croupier making a blackjack. 

Is Insurance in Blackjack Worth It?

Insurance betting only becomes worth it when you are an expert in card counting or when the deck has a higher ratio of 10-value cards left, indicating the croupier will make a blackjack, allowing you to win the insurance wager. However, it is not ideal to bet on insurance most of the time as the average win rate amongst players that take the insurance bet is 30%. 

Insurance in blackjack gives you winnings even if you lose to the croupier. Only consider this type of betting in blackjack when you are sure that there are more 10-value cards in the deck or when you can execute the card counting strategy with ease. 

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