How to Become a Professional Blackjack Dealer

While it’s easy for most players to understand the rules of blackjack, learning how to deal like an expert takes a lot of hard work. You can learn some from a training school, then improve more over time. But when you deal with your first game, you can’t assume that it would be perfect. Other factors, like dealing with cheating players, may come into the casino game. Here are some tips to make sure that you are ahead of the game. Learning how to deal with blackjack can also help players understand the game.

Working Out Blackjack Payouts

In playing blackjack, you don’t need to do the maths because it will always depend on the casino’s rules and procedures. If one bet has an even number of chips with the same value, you can split it into 2 piles of 5 and then cut 1 of the collections 3 times. 

Adding Up The Cards

It’s a big help if you will add 6 and 7, or 8 and 6, or 8 and 7, and other combinations. If you are playing at home, it would be easy for players to add up the cards while holding their cards and making turns over twice once in a while.

Pull The Cards

It’s always about precision because you have to lay down the card in a neat manner. There must not be fussing with players once everybody is ready to play. It’s about dealing in style smoothly.

Managing Float

Every float has a specific value of cash chips with its own number. As a player, your job is to keep most of the chips in the float. Do not let the customers collect them. 

Mind Your Boxes

If you consider the training offered in school, they will only teach you how to deal with every blackjack box on the table. But in a real casino, you are not supposed to do this because the inspector will have a heart attack. 

Don’t Act Like A Newbie

Have you heard about trainee decorators? It is equivalent to casinos being told to chip up and go on blackjack. So, do not get hooked on it. 

There’s A Hole At The Blackjack Table, It’s Not For You

If you see a hole with a rectangular shape in the table, it is not for you but for the chip box.

Project A Good Posture

To have a perfect posture, push your hip against the table with one leg back, and one leg forwards. Make sure to keep your back in a straight position. 

Use Everything You Learn To Develop Your Techniques

Observe how the other dealers play their game and decide how to play yours. You can also ask some expert dealers and study what techniques they used. Find out where they’re good at and improve on it. 

Think First Before You Hit When The Player Asks You To

Some customers will say ‘hit me’ if ever they need a card. If this happens, try to avoid and do not hit the punter as much as possible. Take a deep breath and give him a card.

New Cards Means New Troubles Sometimes

The worst that can ever happen to a player is when they have 8 decks of the new cards. It will be impossible for you to get them all in the shoe, and not spread them everywhere. It is called 416 card pickup. As much as possible, avoid this in casinos. If you can grip your cards tightly, do it. Make sure to level up on every side of the game.

Extra Techniques Will Do Wonders

If you can practice at home, do it to avoid the perfect shuffle. If you are a real player, you know exactly how to do the shuffling of cards using one deck. Proper practice will make it perfect!

Do not worry about making mistakes, learn from them

Focus solely on one technique that you want to master. Do not be disappointed if you make mistakes. Do not worry about them and just go with it. 

Once you have the main ideas on how to play the blackjack like a real dealer, you can host players in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to have your own blackjack games. Casinos these days may require dealers to undergo professional courses or training. So if you want to make dealing blackjack a real career, you have to first attend professional casino programs to be an expert. 

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