Best Blackjack Strategy from Experts

Blackjack is widely known today especially among casino players. For most players, the game gives them so much fun, but it is not an easy game to play. Like most games available in casinos, it requires proper skills, techniques and strategies. However, you cannot start playing the game unless you know how to play blackjack. The following are some useful ideas to help you develop and improve not only your blackjack game but also your winning chances. 

How to Play Blackjack?

The goal of the blackjack strategy is to give you more winnings as often as it could. It will maximize your earnings and lessen the expected losses.

Double down on hard 11 card

If you double down hard on card 11, you will always win more money against the dealer's upcard. Instead of hitting in all games, make one exception. 

Split the pair of Aces and 8s

Split the Aces and 8s. It’s the best strategy you can because the Aces will result in more gains for every player. For the 8s, it will depend on the dealer's upcard, allowing you to win money and cut your losses.

Do not ever split the pair of 10s and 5s

It’s better off taking one or more cards to 10 than split it into 5s and play it with two hands. Remember that the pair of 5s is considered a hard 10 also. 

Hit a hard 12 card vs. the dealer's 2 or 3 up card

You will lose more money if you play against the dealer’s 3 or 2 upcards even if you hit or stand. But, you will lessen your losing if you choose to hit.

Hit softly with 18 cards vs. the dealer's 9, or 10 or Ace up card

The best strategy is to hit the A7 hand when one dealer provides an Ace, 9, or 10 intending to acquire a soft 19 through 21 and a hard 17 through 21.

Consider doubling down on the 10 cards vs. the dealer's 9 upcards or less

If you hold 2 cards of 10 against a dealer’s upcard of 9 or less than that, you will be the favorite, especially if you double it down. 

Consider doubling down the A-2 through A7 vs. the 5 or 6 up card

In any game, you play to stand and win more. It is possible to double down an A2 through A7 if the dealer’s upcard is 5 or 6. 

Stand with the pair of 9s vs. the a7 up card

Most casino players know how to split the 9s if the dealer’s upcard is 9 or less than that. If the ball is a fumble, the dealer will show A7. In this case, the best technique is to stand because you will win more money in this strategy.

Consider doubling down on the 8 card vs. the 5 or 6 up card

In doubling and multi-decking, you must not double down using 2 cards of 8. But, in a single-decking game, the game's odds are to double down the primary strategy over the hit. 

As much as possible, do not ever make an insurance bet

A lot of casino players agree that this kind of bet is a sucker bet. The best strategy is not to use it when the dealer’s up cards are Aces. 

The Final Verdict

If you are with a blackjack game and played online, you must be smart and quick enough to pull the trigger and win the right amount of money. When you are playing the game, the real battle is learning and understanding the game's flow. It’s essential to learn some useful techniques to help you out in executing your best strategies successfully. 

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